Payment Plans

Legs & Torso Payment Plans

Investing in a high-end silicone sex toy is not only a sound financial decision, but beneficial to a man's mental and sexual well-being to boot!  We want to make sex doll ownership a possibility for people of all budgets, so we've created a payment plan program.    

Benefits of The Payment Plan:

  • Get your sex doll now, and pay over time. 
  • You lock in the current price of the doll.  This is helpful to capitalize on limited time sales and promotions.

Payment Plan Details: 

  • We use a secure third-party service called to facilitate payment plans.
  • We begin building your order as soon as it is placed, your doll will be shipped like any other order.
  • 24 hour cancelation policy after order is placed.

Payment Plan Offer:

  • you are required to pay 40% as down payment. 
  • Choose in how many times you wish to settle the balance - from1 to 3 payments 
  • Payments are done automatically once per month 

Example for a 1000 USD item: I will pay 400$ today  (40% down payment), and then 3 payments of 200$ with 1 payment every month. 

How do I checkout using a payment plan?

  • Add your product(s) to Cart
  • On the Cart Page select the "" option.
  • You will be redirected to option page, please follow the instructions