What Makes Women’s Feet Sexy To Men?

There is a lot to say about women’s feet and how sexy they are. But one thing is clear – men are crazy about the female’s feet, especially when they are sexy. In this piece, we attempt to corroborate this fact by presenting a couple of stories from anonymous users (men) relating to the sexy feet craze. 

Without wasting time, let’s get to it! 

  1.   Who else sees feet as an art masterpiece?

“The way I see the feet – it is a fascinating body of art. The feelings I get are indescribable. Talk of getting high on my favorite food and downing some bottles of my top beer. That is what those pinkish long pedicured toes do to me.”

Foot fetish

  1.   Considering how much women do to beautify their legs, then their feet should definitely turn heads.

“Feet decoration is a big deal for women. They want their feet to look gorgeous, so they put in a lot of effort. Beautifying feet entails nail painting, wearing toe rings, or adopting shoes with high heels. Others even wear toe rings, open-toed heels, stockings, and ankle bracelets. All of these things unsettle the biggest sex organ of the man – the mind. Perhaps, this is why we have normalized feet fetish. Plus, if you find the legs sexy, then why exclude the feet?”

  1.   My aunt gave me the platform

“Once I explained to my aunt about the foot fetish I am developing, she encouraged me not to be shameful about it. She even went as far as allowing me to worship her feet.”

  1.   I have my PE teacher to thank for my feet fetish.

“I have to thank my teacher because he was the one that introduced field sessions that require us changing clothes. After a few sessions, I started noticing the bare feet of my classmates. They were unexpectedly beautiful, and I was getting aroused. I could not fight it, and by grade 10, I started lurking around the changing room to take a good look at these several beautiful pairs of feet at the slightest opportunity.”

  1.   I think feet in high heels might be the end of me. 

“Yes, I am foot fetish. But it gets even better and more sensual when these feet are in high heels. The combination boosts my liking for any girl, and chances are I will want to get down with the girl. While I am indifferent to girls on boots, sandals, slippers, or nothing, high-heeled feet have a telling effect on me.”

  1.   I love women’s feet, especially when they are well-proportioned. 

“When it comes to feet, I have no specs. The only requirement is to have them attached to the legs, and I am sold. Oh, they should not be too hairy or appear like a hobbit. The icing on the cake would be some beautiful painting, and perhaps, an ankle chain.”

legs and feet

  1.   You may even get more intimacy from foot massages compare to sex. 

“For me, foot massage is more intimate than the actual sex. This is how I know: I have no problem with sleeping with someone I am not dating. However, I cannot allow someone I have no feelings for to give me a foot massage or take one from me.”

  1.   I wrestled with a female neighbor, and it was the start of my feet fetish. 

“I am not the type that randomly picks fights with strangers. But at 12, I had a reason to wrestle with my neighbor for some reason I cannot remember. And while at it, her beautiful feet were staring right in my face, and I was powerless. So, I made sure her feet were always coming towards my head so that I could get a perfect look. Soon enough, we started meeting regularly to get physical by practicing wrestling. And with each meeting, I further realize that I am developing a foot fetish.”

  1.   The human architecture will be flawed without sexy feet.

“There are certain parts of a whole that are irreplaceable, and the women’s feet pair is one of such. Each pair is distinct, offering some unique details and a perfect blend of character and personality. There is no telling what these soft, smooth, curvy, dainty, and curvaceous body pieces can do to you, provided you see them from the right light.”

  1. Sucking on clean and sexy toes is now a big part of foreplay for me. 

“I couldn’t resist the urge to suck on my GF’s toes once I discovered how beautiful her feet were. That was back in college, but I have managed to condition myself to find ladies attractive only if they have attractive feet. Maybe it is safe to call this a mild feet fetish.”

women fett

  1.   I have started loving sexy women’s feet since 15.

“As a young chap of about 15, I had no idea how excited I could get by watching a woman’s feet. I used to admire a female neighbor of ours down the hall every time she walks around. It is even worse when she comes around to say hi in her bare feet. I lose concentration severally with all my attention invested in that beautiful soles. It was lust, but I didn’t care.”

  1.   My love for women’s feet started from a movie.

“Have you seen Ninja Turtles? It was our favorite growing up – my little sister and I. I vividly remember how I felt amazed that the villain tickled April’s feet to get her to part with something. Since that episode, I have always wanted to do the same to someone. Luckily, I tried it with the girl that lived across our street. And the rest, they say, is history.”

  1.   Is there any man that jokes with ’em feet? Definitely not me!

“Every part of the female anatomy is intriguing. But the best of the bunch for me is the feet. The other time, I met a woman I like so much. We had a lot in common, and I was looking forward to a good time together. Well, not until she told me about her reservations towards sharing her feet with me. It was a huge turn off for me.  I instantly saw her as immature and inconsiderate. How dare she plays insensitive to my biggest needs?”

  1.   I will overlook other shortcomings if your feet are gorgeous.

“I am the type that pays attention to every sexual part of a female – the boobs, the figure, the ass, and the face. I may get discouraged if one or more of these does not live up to my expectations. The only way to appease me would be to have a pair of gorgeous feet. Once your feet are sexy and clean, I could easily overlook all other shortcomings.”

  1.   It is embarrassing when I get hard in public due to long stares at women’s feet.

“I have always fantasized about women’s bare feet. I followed up on this by offering free foot rubs to girls while fondling and sucking on their sparkling clear, and sexy feet. It turns me on every time, and I find more pleasure in it than getting a handjob. After a while, I learned that stigma comes with feet fetishism. But I am not surprised, because almost all fetish has one or more stigma. I get mad when I see a woman with a sweaty, dirty pair of feet. But that feeling is quickly replaced with bliss when I set my eyes on a woman with a perfect pedicure.  I don’t know if this is bad, but I enjoy every bit, and I don’t want to stop.”

  1.   Summer makes foot fetish even more exciting!

Once it is summer, resisting the urge to have some foot fetish is almost impossible.  With summer comes a large number of beautiful women wearing flip-flops almost every time. So, guys like me have enough for our eyes to feast on. Staring at feet turns me on! In fact, I get a similar feeling to staring at firm breasts. Seeing women’s feet translates to watching them walk around without shirts. I can’t seem to concentrate once my eyes are locked onto a beautiful set of feet. I would need to make conscious efforts not to get hard. It is that serious.”


Interesting Foot Fetish Theories You Should Know

All of the encounters above have pointed to one fact – men love women’s feet. However, many people still believe that they are better off walking with their feet than using it as a sex object. Maybe this is due to traditions. But, let’s take a look at the origin of foot fetish. 

According to Sigmund Freud, foot fetishes are premised on the fact that penises and feet share certain resemblances. However, many people have regarded this theory as unfounded. 

Over time, fetish enthusiasts have suggested that the most widely practiced body part fetishes are the foot and toe fetishes. This means that the unusual attraction to genitals, butts, or boobs cannot be regarded as a fetish because it is universal. Both men and women have foot fetishes, but it is more common in males. 

In the words of Colleen Singer, a sex expert, Foot Fetishism, or Podophilia is “a heightened and specific sexual interest in feet and/or footwear.” Feet fetish is a popular type of sexual fetishism for non-sexual body parts or objects. Lastly, more men practice foot fetishism than women. 

Neurology has confirmed that the genitals and feet reside in about the same area of the brain’s somatosensory cortex. Perhaps, this is why feet turn people on. There is a report about amputees experiencing orgasms in their feet. In corroborating this fact, socio-biologists have suggested that foot fetishism has its origin from a form of traumatic imprinting event in the early stages of life involving feet. 

Most times, when adults recall how they got into foot fetishism, it is usually about childhood events involving tickling of the feet in the course of horseplay or getting held and stimulated in the feet by peers. Others submit that the fact that the foot is not always in the open makes it somewhat sensual when it is eventually naked. 

Feet are rarely in the open – same with the genitals and the butts. Once the person is standing, it is impossible to see their feet in entirety. You only get a full view of the feet when the leg is resting and not standing. Perhaps, this qualifies them as “private” parts. 

So, when you hear someone talk about how much they look forward to seeing the feet in all their gorgeousness, it is understandable. For some, they have developed specifications and preferences as par the shape, size, length, and the proportion of the feet to the legs—all these points to the thriving feet fetish culture around us.

According to WikiFeet – a foot fetishist community where users share the ‘sexy feet’ of popular women, searches for the feet of top porn actress come in almost every minute. Porn models like Eva Lovia, Kimmy Granger, Abella Danger, and co, top the list. Other popular searches include feet pictures of top celebrities like Mila Kunis, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, and others. 

We have seen very extreme cases of foot fetish. For instance, the worrisome obsession of Jerome Brudos about women’s shoes from age five. It became blown out of proportion, and he started severing the feet of his female murder systems. Another similar Oregon foot fetish event is that of serial killer Leroy Dayton Rogers, who finds pleasure in sawing off the feet of his victims. There is also the ‘Toe Suck Fairy’ story in Arkansas around 2011, where a man walks up to women in stores demanding that he suck their toes after complimenting them. 

Despite these unpleasant occurrences, the truth remains that foot fetish is safe, provided the practitioners do not go beyond the accepted boundaries. It is no longer acceptable if it involves abuse or extremism. It is also essential to get an understanding partner to practice this kink with. With these in place, you will be amazed at how much pleasure you stand to gain from a proper foot fetishism. 

You should also consider giving or getting a foot job, depending on the preferences of you and your partner.  Good luck on your journey into the world of foot fetishism.